Make a will online in 20 minutes or less

Make a will online in 20 minutes or less

Need to learn how to make a will? In less than 20 minutes, you can write or update your legal will — for free with FreeWill. And if you live in California, we also offer a free Revocable Living Trust! 

  • 460K+ wills created 
  • $5.3B committed to nonprofits
  • 100% free — no credit card required
  • Done in under 20 minutes

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How FreeWill works

1. Fill out online form

Just follow the step-by-step instructions to fill out the necessary information for your forms.

2. Print out documents

The information you provided is turned into precise legal language and provided back to you as a printable document.

3. Sign and keep safe

Follow attached instructions to print, sign, and make your document official. Keep it somewhere safe, but accessible.

Why is FreeWill free?

Our no-cost, do-it-yourself products are made possible by the support of hundreds of nonprofits. Meaning you’ll never have to pay for a document you create or download on FreeWill.

100% free — no credit card required

Encrypted and secure

We never sell your personal data

Comments from real customers

“This is so easy! I’ve been putting off making a will because it seemed too hard. This is very easy to understand and navigate, giving one ample opportunity to edit and change before finishing. Thank you, FreeWill.”


“The process was simple, quick, and, believe it or not, enjoyable. It helped create peace of mind about my personal affairs.”

Stacy M.

“Very simple to follow and absolutely free. Who would have thought it would be free. I thought for sure they would charge me to download the file or print it. But they never did. 100% free.”

Kelly N.

Leave a lasting legacy

We’re on a mission to help people plan for the future while doing the most good for the people and causes they care about.

By using FreeWill, you help keep this service free for everyone no matter their circumstances. If you choose to commit a small gift to a nonprofit, you’ll also be helping them continue their work for generations to come, all at no cost to you during your lifetime.

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Writing your own will can feel daunting — that’s why we worked with the nation's top legal experts to create our interactive online will maker. Enter your information, and we'll create a last will and testament customized to your wishes.

We also have other estate planning products available to help you get all your affairs in order.

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We also offer several other free products to help give you peace of mind.