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Secure Your Legacy Today

Looking to start your estate plan?

FreeWill is dedicated to making estate planning affordable. Using our easy online tools, create your will or revocable living trust at a fraction of the cost of an attorney.

Join the one million people who have already taken the first step in protecting the people and causes they love.

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Which plan is right for me?

Not sure whether you should make a will or a revocable living trust?
Explore our quick guide below to understand the differences between each option,
learn about their costs, and determine which is the best fit for your needs!

Last Will + Testament

Best for those with a simple or straightforward estate, who are interested in detailing how assets should be distributed upon death. Learn more.

Average Cost (with Attorney): $300 - $1,000
What's included?
Last Will + Testament
Living Will (AHCD)
Documented Wishes
Power of Attorney
Personal Property Memo
Funeral Wishes
Digital Assets & Accounts
Unlimited Free Updates
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Revocable Living Trust

Ideal for those with a large or complicated estate, looking to avoid the cost of probate court, and/or wanting long-term asset management and distribution. Learn more.

Average Cost (with Attorney): $1,500 - $2,500
What's included?
Declaration of Trust
Pour Over Will
Documented Wishes
Living Will (AHCD)
Schedule of Assets
Power of Attorney
Assignment of Property
Funeral Wishes
Personal Property Memo
Unlimited Free Updates
Certification of Trust
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Why FreeWill?

Every year, more than 200,000 Americans choose FreeWill
to protect the people and the causes they love the most.

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Easy to Use

You can make an estate plan in just 20 minutes with the ability to make changes or edits for free, forever.

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We use bank-grade security and sophisticated encryption protocols to keep your data secure, and we never sell your data.

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Legally Sound

All of our legal documents are reviewed by a team of estate planning attorneys and experts, and are valid in all 50 states.

What else do I need to know?

How do I create my estate plan with FreeWill?
FreeWill provides a simple, intuitive, and efficient way of creating wills or revocable living trusts. Start by selecting your document of choice and answering simple questions about you and your wishes. At the end of those questions, you will receive a printed copy of your documents, along with an instructions page PDF document to download and print. This will include an instructions page which will guide you through the process to make your estate plan official.
Do I really need an estate plan?
Absolutely! Having an estate plan is important for everyone, and can be a great way to support the people and causes you love. It ensures that your wishes are known, saving your loved ones the stress and cost of intestate probate proceedings, and letting you (and not the government) decide where your property goes.
Can I change my estate plan later?
You can update your documents on FreeWill at any time, free of charge. We know life is always changing, and we're here to change with you — helping you keep your wishes up to date.

Start creating your plan today!